What We Do

Veritas partners with parents to inspire and educate the whole student. Our Christ-centered, K-12 curriculum includes the arts as well as rigorous academics. Using a time-tested, classical education model, we encourage our students to grow in their walks with the Lord, pursue academic excellence, master sound reasoning, and acquire truth. Our students learn to think critically, listen with discernment, and communicate effectively for the glory of God in all areas of life.

Classical Education for Modern Times


Google study shows that Classical Education is more important than STEM. The study found that the top seven characteristics for success at Google were all soft skills: bing a good coach, communicating and listening well, possessing insight into others, having empathy for others, thinking critically, having the ability to solve problems, and being able to make connections across complex concepts. STEM, on the other hand, came in dead last. 

“Having learned from grammar how to talk, we must learn from Dialectic how to talk sense, to argue, to prove and disprove.”
-CS Lewis,
Seven Liberal Arts



VCA is fully accredited by WASC.


VCA is a member of ACCS.

“We have to stand for the objective truth of Scripture in a day when people don’t want to believe it or hear it.”
-Rev. Chris Hartshorn

School News

  • Congratulations to Julia who received a perfect math score on her SAT. She attributes her score to Veritas for using a traditional,  time-tested, and proven math curriculum (Saxon Homeschool) and appreciates her teacher, Mrs. Kay Kim, for her clear math instruction. Well done!
  • Veritas’s Mock Trial team recently competed in the Mock Trial State Finals. Our tenacious defense team duked it out for three arduous rounds almost defeating their foes in two of those rounds. The results of the third round is still unknown. Our fearless prosecution team got to compete only once and soundly won their grueling round. Both teams worked diligently throughout the weekend. The Veritas community is exceedingly proud of their determined Mock Trial team. Opposing schools awarded MVPs to Ashton, Charity, and Julia. Soli Deo Gloria!
  • Our own Charity Kim is a National Merit® Scholarship finalist. She is one of 1,500 finalists out of 3.5 million students who took the PSAT in 2017. Congratulations!
  • Veritas will administer AP tests. This year Veritas will offer three AP tests: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Latin. Applications are currently being accepted from anyone interested, including non-Veritas students. The cost is $125 per test. For applications or more information, please contact Sarah Lee at slee@veritasclassicalacademy.com.

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